A FEAST gathering fuses creativity, seasonality and human connection. We slow our breath. We do not judge. We are a lens for beauty. We celebrate the sacredness of locally-sourced, high-integrity food, flowers + craft. We believe our work has a positive impact on the earth. We eat together. We support each other. We are a community.

FEAST Village Dinner Series at SIP ME, Makawao

A pop-up dinner series starting November 3, then every other Sunday through Fall. Part moving restaurant, part moving home, Amanda Robson of FEAST and a group of rotating chefs, florists, farmers, and makers will be creating a beautiful space for guests to slow down, share a locally-sourced family-style meal, and open their hearts to the sacred gifts our village has to share.

Upon arrival guests will contribute their creativity to the gathering by crafting a small arrangement made with locally-grown blooms and foliage to adorn our table, then take home.

FARMERS: If you grow flowers, fruits or vegetables using organic methods and would like to discuss farm trade for dinner let’s chat HERE.

Each Village Dinner will host 24 guests. Bring a bottle of wine if it’s charming to you. Glassware will be provided.


November 3rd | 5pm | with Chef Gary Johnson of Sea Salt Maui

FEAST Village Dinner dates for Fall: November 3rd, November 17th, December 1st.

mahalo to our November 3rd sponsors:


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PRIVATE HOLIDAY PARTIES by FEAST at SIP ME | Nov. 4th - New Year’s Eve

During FEAST’s residency at SIP ME, Makawao, Amanda will be offering a limited amount of evenings (aside from Village Dinner dates) to be reserved for businesses, friends or families looking to host a locally-sourced holiday gathering designed by FEAST for their private group of 2 - 40 guests max. Packages include dinners, creative workshops, or a combination of both.

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Amanda lovingly cultivates private dinners, corporate events, brand influencer events and production design with the artisan spirit of her tight-knit community.

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Photography by Mykle Coyne